Our scented candle family just grew by 2! Our hand-poured, coconut soy candles are our pride & joy and we are so excited to introduce 2 new fragrances! We poured these about a month ago, but we were waiting (not so patiently) on our new labels, which finally arrived last week. Don't those beautiful matte black labels look so chic?? We are in love! But let's get to the new scents already shall we??

Lavender + Sage

Picking new candle fragrances was no easy task this time. We were really looking for scents that could work year-round, not just seasonal or during the holidays. Lavender + Sage felt like the perfect fit - crisp & refreshing for spring/summer, but also relaxing & calming for the rest of the year. And we can all use a little calm these days right? 

Relaxing notes of sage and lavender combine with a subtle base current of crisp juniper - making a fresh, clean scent that is just the pick-me-up your home needs! Get yours here: Lavender + Sage

Berry + Bourbon

This candle is such an interesting blend of fragrances, we almost named it "Just Trust Us." A unique blend of sweet berries, smokey rich bourbon, and a hint of amber combine to make the most intoxicatingly clean & sophisticated fragrance. Just trust us on this one, it's real good. Get yours here: Berry + Bourbon

We cannot wait to hear your feedback on these two new candles! Your response to our candle line up to this point has blown us away, we are so excited to continue making candles you love. 

February 11, 2021 — Sarah Storm

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