Today let's talk about our favorite pillow combos for a gray couch! Gray couches have become hugely popular over the last 5 years and sometimes it's hard to know which colors coordinate best with it. Do you choose cool or warm tones? Can you put browns on gray? So we're going to share some examples of our favorite pillow combos for a gray couch!

Keeping Things Cool

If cool colors (think blues & light grays) are your vibe then you're in luck because those colors coordinate beautifully with all grays - light gray, dark gray, and every gray in between. We love the way our deep Navy Corduroy looks paired with our Stitch Print here. It's a classic, casual look and has some great contrast. 

Mixing Patterns

If you're not afraid of mixing patterns, this is a great pillow combo for you to try. It's a little bit cool, a little bit warm and has loads of texture & visual interest. The indigo blue color of Irene is on the warmer end of the cool-tone spectrum which is why it pairs so nicely with Elsie which is a warm, cozy cream color. This combo is like art for your couch. 

Warm & Modern

Customers ask us all the time if they can put brown pillows on their gray couch. Our answer is: ABSOLUTELY! Brown actually coordinates really really well with grays & blacks. Gray can sometimes feel a little cold & stark, so pairing a nice rich brown tone with it really cozies things up! We love our Brown Faux Leather paired with a more modern stripe like Ashton. It's a great mid-century combo & looks stunning on a gray couch.

Here's another warm & modern combo. This one gives us all the cozy/moody vibes - Brown Faux Leather, Arthur, Alexander, and Lorraine

Mix Things Up!

Pillow combos don't need to be matchy-matchy, it's more than ok to have 4 or 5 completely different pillows on your couch! As long as the colors compliment each other and there is some variety in the type & scale of the print, you can do just about anything - like this combo of Mountain Fox, Olive Corduroy, Peppercorn, and Brown Faux Leather

We hope you found these suggestions helpful! We know not all of these will fit your personal style and that's ok! Our hope is that these ideas can be a starting point for you to build a look & style you love and make your house feel like home.

February 17, 2021 — Sarah Storm

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