The most common questions we get always have to do with pillow combinations & what pillows would look good on a certain color couch. Even though we work hard to have multiple pairing options for each of our pillows, we understand that it can still be difficult to choose which ones would look best together. So we're starting a blog series to help out with that - we're going to take you through multiple couch colors, design styles, family types, and lifestyles and will be breaking down which pillow combos, colors, and how many, are best for each. We're kicking the whole thing off with our favorite pillow combos for a light-colored couch.

Clean & Simple


If your style is minimal & clean, we love the look of 2 of our 12x24 Olive Corduroy pillows centered on each back cushion. Olive is a great color option for anyone wanting to keep things neutral but still add a bit of color.

This look & scale works well on a loveseat. If you have a large sofa or oversized furniture you may want to consider one or two of our larger 14x36 oversized lumbar pillows instead.

Evenly spacing 3 pillows along your couch can also look clean & minimal. We love Ashton for this look on an ivory couch. It's a beautiful modern, muted gray stripe. Line up 3 of these in our 20x20 size & you will have a subtle show-stopper. 

Warm & Cozy


There are few combinations with a cozier vibe than our Peppercorn & Mountain Fox! These two are full of rich color & texture but are still warm & inviting. We recommend getting a 20x20 in the Mountain Fox and an 18x18 in Peppercorn, placing the larger size behind the smaller when styling on your couch. 

Another favorite paring is Elsie & Ashton. Yes, it's ok to use multiple stripes in a pillow combo - as long as the print scale and spacing is different. Since Elsie has a nice wide spacing & lots of texture, it can easily be pared with the smaller, tighter scale of Ashton's stripe pattern. These two make a light & airy combo and are perfect spaces you want to keep soft & neutral. 

Mix things up!

Pillow combos don't need to be matchy-matchy, it's more than ok to have 4 or 5 completely different pillows on your couch! As long as the colors compliment each other and there is some variety in the type & scale of the print, you can do just about anything. A great combo for this is Lorraine, Stitch Print, Irene, and Elsie. It really doesn't matter what order you arrange these, they all look really good next to each other, which gives you a ton of flexibility.

If you prefer a warmer palette, look no further than these 4. Our Brown Leather, Ashton, Peppercorn, and Avery are all warm tones & look great together. One of our favorite things about this combination is the layers of texture! Texture adds so much to a room & is sometimes the element that gets overlooked when decorating your home.


We hope you found these suggestions helpful! We know not all of these will fit your personal style and that's ok! Our hope is that these ideas can be a starting point for you to build a look & style you love and make your house feel like home.

February 01, 2021 — Sarah Storm

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