Harmony House was started in 2015 by sisters-in-law, Sarah & Jill. Our vision has always been focused on beautiful artisan products and an exceptional customer experience.

We're intentional about sourcing materials that are strong enough to withstand the wear & tear that comes with a house full of kids & pets. We're both boy moms, so we intentionally source fabrics that are not just pretty but also durable & washable. We keep in mind that if we can't put these products in our own homes, most people can't, and we want our customers to really use our products.

Each Harmony House pillow cover is hand-sewn by our team of seamstresses. We have a hand in the entire process from the very start - ordering fabric, cutting, sewing, and doing all the technical construction.

Our wooden wick candles are hand-poured by our team in our candle studio. Like our pillows, we work very hard to source high-quality materials & ingredients for our candles. We use toxin-free, clean-burning wax and natural fragrances to ensure our candles will burn safely & cleanly in your home.

Quality is extremely important to us, but we consider it just as important to do our part by making choices in our business that are ethical & earth-friendly. We are proud to have transitioned to eco-friendly packaging for our products.