Harmony isn't about perfection, it's about togetherness

Don't wait until the kids are grown to make your home a comfortable, beautiful place you're proud of. We can help make your living space a comfortable, relaxing place you love to be with our hand-crafted pillows & candles, and thoughtfully sourced home accents.

As moms of all boys, we intentionally source materials and products that are not only beautiful, but durable too. All of our products are intended to be used, holding up to the wear & tear of a busy household.

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All Good Things Must Come To An End...

Pivot....aside from being my favorite "Friends" reference, pivot is a word we've heard & used a lot over the last 2 years. Of course, it's common to have to make adjustments in life, you can plan & plan and still things may go completely different than expected. This is especially true in business, and especially especially true since 2020. 

June 03, 2022 — Sarah Storm
Mother's Day Gift Boxes!

Mother's Day Gift Boxes!

We love gift-giving. There's something so magical & exhilarating about finding the PERFECT gift for the special people in our lives - and for us, mother's sure top the list of worthy recipients! Jill & I were each blessed with exceptional mothers, and by some unimaginable stroke of good fortune, we were also blessed with the VERY BEST mother-in-law.

April 05, 2022 — Sarah Storm
Spring 2022 Pillow Collection!

Spring 2022 Pillow Collection!

We've been working hard preparing for the launch of our Spring 2022 pillow collection and the day is finally here! The entire vibe of this collection is light & airy and oh-so-comfy! Each new pillow is full of pattern & texture and is, shocker, neutral in tone :) Let's not wait any longer, shall we? It's time to introduce all the new ladies!

March 02, 2022 — Sarah Storm

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