If you've been following us for long, you know that QUALITY is the number one thing we look for in the materials we choose to use in our products. Our candles are no exception - from the wick, to the wax, to the vessel, every part is just plain good. Which is why it would feel like such a waste to throw away the beautiful container when the candle has been finished. So today I'm sharing how to EASILY clean out your container & repurpose it as a piece of decor in your home! 

:: Freeze it ::

Once your candle has finished burning, let it cool to room temp. Wipe out the inside walls of the vessel to remove any residue left from burning. Then pop the whole container in your freezer overnight or approximately 8 hours.

Freezing makes the wax brittle. After you remove it from the freezer, get a butter knife and push it straight down into the frozen wax, this will crack the wax & then you should be able to pull it out in chunks. 

:: Clean it ::

After you remove & discard all the wax, pull out the metal wick clip. There is a small round sticker underneath the wick clip, you can scrape this out with your fingernail, but you could leave it in there too if it doesn't affect your end use. 

After everything has been removed, rinse it out with some soap & warm water, then towel dry. 

:: Style it ::

Now it's clean, beautiful, and ready to be used somewhere else! I used this one as a pot for an artificial plant we have in the office that happened to fit inside perfectly. But it would make a cute pen holder on a desk, silverwear holder for a party, or just styled on a shelf - it's so pretty you wouldn't even need to put anything in it! It would also be cute to plant a little succulent in it & give it as a gift.

See how easy that was!! 

October 09, 2020 — Sarah Storm

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