After months & months of testing, planning, waiting on backordered items (thanks Covid), and endless research, our candles are finally finished & ready for your home! So let's introduce you, shall we?

The Vessel

This is where it all started. I have always thought it would be fun to manufacture our own candles, and one day back in March, I stumbled upon these gorgeous matte black candle vessels - they had Harmony House written all over them. Before I knew it, I was calling Jill telling her I ordered a small amount of candle supplies "just to try it out." 

But for real, just look at them. *swoon*

The vessel itself is glass, but it's THICK glass. It feels so solid & sturdy, and yet is so classy & modern. It's so much better in person, I guess you'll just have to buy one & see for yourself. ;) 

The Wax

We're so excited to have found a soy wax that is not only FDA approved, but is also gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free and comes from renewable sources. Which basically means, it's going to burn clean without harmful side-effects. The wax is a warm creamy white, and looks so nice with the black vessel. 

The Wick

When we found these "crackling" wooden wicks we knew we had to have them for our candles. Not only do they look amazing, they sound amazing too! These wicks make a soft "crackling" noise when they burn, it's a cozy & unexpected effect. In addition to being the chicest looking & coolest sounding wicks ever, they are also eco-friendly, clean-burning, & handcrafted in the USA. Who knew you could love so much about a candle wick?!?

The Fragrances

And now for the best part, the fragrances! We tested A LOT of fragrance oils for our candles - we initially only planned on having 2 different candle fragrances, but in the end we just couldn't narrow it down any lower than our 3 favorites. So, without further ado...

:: Sweet Sandalwood ::

Sweet Sandalwood takes the woodsy smell you expect from sandalwood and combines it with a touch of sweet floral violet, creating an intoxicating aroma that's not too sweet & not too masculine. It's just right, and it's so good. 

:: Hello Pumpkin ::

Hello Pumpkin is a classic pumpkin fragrance with just the right amount of spice and sweetness. It's like Fall in a glass, and it's magical. 

:: Fresh Balsam ::

Fresh Balsam smells like all things Christmas - with notes of balsam, bergamot, & clove, this candle will rejuvenate your holiday spirit & fill your home with the crisp, fresh smells of winter. 

For local friends, we are debuting our candles this weekend at the Sidewalk Arts Festival. For our many online friends, you'll get your chance at these on our website on the 14th!

September 06, 2020 — Sarah Storm

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