It's no secret that we love all things home decor, accessories, & furniture. But, the endless options available can be a little overwhelming. Not only do we have to navigate our way through every possible size, shape, & color, we also need to research product quality, reviews, & price ranges! It can be a lot to take on! So, we thought it would be fun, and hopefully helpful, to start sharing some of our favorite furniture & home decor finds with all of you!

To kick things off, today we're sharing a round-up of our favorite end tables! To me, end tables are one of the trickier things to shop for because I want them to be cute, but I need them to be functional. End tables are the silent heavy hitters of a room, they hold all our essentials - lamps, books, drinks, remotes etc. So first & foremost, we want to look for QUALITY, sturdy pieces, with good reviews. This doesn't necessarily mean we need the most expensive option, but we likely will not want the cheapest option either. 

I've rounded up a selection of my favorite end tables (including ones I've purchased myself) ranging from $80-$200. 

1. Castalia Round Accent Table - Target


 I purchased this one for my office to go next to a side chair & have been very happy with it! it's a great color & is super sturdy without looking clunky. It doesn't have a huge surface, you could put a small lamp on it if you wanted, but I think the size is better suited for a small plant & your cup of coffee. The lower surface can be used to stack books or a small basket. At $90 I think this is a really great buy for what you're getting. Get it here.

2. Tribal Carved Wood Accent Table - World Market

I love pretty much all the furniture at World Market and this cute little table is no exception. This is a little higher price for the size of the table (only 18" tall), but I've seen this in person & it's beautiful, well made, and that carved detailing is a show-stopper. This would work great next to a small side chair or a low-profile sofa. Get it here.

3. Loring End Table - Target

I bought 2 of these end tables for my living room and they are SO good. They require some assembly but they go together fairly easily. I love the clean lines & the mix of wood & metal. I especially love how functional this table is - it has a nice sized surface, a drawer to store magazines etc, and there's even a little flap on the backside that lifts up and has 2 USB ports & a plug-in - a handy little feature I didn't know I needed. At $110, this table is a great value for the quality! Get it here.

4. Live Edge Wood Sansur Table - World Market

I love a good live-edge piece of furniture & I've had my eye on this one from World Market for a long time. I love the simple design. Sometimes pieces like this can be overly rustic, but this table is clean, simple, and modern. It's also huge, the surface is 24" wide! The large size gives it endless possibilities for styling - wide enough to fit a lamp & a cute stack of books. This table is very well made, and would definitely be worth the investment. Get it here.

5. Mateo Side Table - West Elm

This table from West Elm has my heart! It is sleek & simple, and while it's at the higher $ end of the tables on this list, it looks way more expensive than it actually is. This is another nice, large table (20" wide) and is sized to nest with other tables in the collection. I'm never disappointed with the furniture at West Elm and the Mateo Side Table is no exception! Get it here.

6. Woven Nesting Tables by Studio McGee - Target


Every room needs a healthy mix of textures & natural elements, this table set from Studio McGee's Target line are the perfect pieces for that. After waiting months for these to be restocked I was finally able to order them for my own home, and they are just as good in person, well worth the wait! They are a nice size, incredibly sturdy, and because it's a set - a great value. There's a ton of cute ways to style these, check out the pictures & get yours here.

7. Marble & Metal Accent Table - World Market

I've had my eye on this marble end table from World Market forever & I still love it just as much as the first time I saw it! The design is stunning - to take heavy materials like marble & metal, and put them together in such a way to make them look light & airy is pretty brilliant. This table is super sturdy & the tabletop is large, not to mention easy maintenance - no water rings! Get it here.

 8. Fluted Side Table - West Elm

Another West Elm beauty has made the list because it's just so darn cute! This one is a little small for major functionality (for instance, I would never be able to use this next to my bed, I need a lamp, clock, charger, book, etc), but it's just the right size for a little drink holder next to a side chair (it would also make an adorable plant stand!). I love the shape & lines, and it comes in 4 really good colors (though I'm partial to this white one). 

Well, that's it folks! A small selection of our favorite end tables & links to find them! Which ones are your favorites? We're excited to share more furniture & home decor roundups in the future, stay tuned! :)

April 29, 2021 — Sarah Storm

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