Have you ever tried to describe how something smells to someone who has never smelled it before? It's difficult right?!? We do our absolute best to accurately describe our candle fragrances for you, but no matter how descriptive our words are, it's just not the same as actually smelling the candle for yourself. 

So, we have put together cute little candle sample packs to help you choose your favorite fragrances! Each sample pack contains our 4 candle fragrances: Sweet Sandalwood, Lavender + Sage, Berry + Bourbon, and Linen + Lilac.

These 4 oz candles are hand-poured in our candle studio with the same clean-burning, toxin-free, coconut soy wax as our 11 oz candles. They also have the same crackling wooden wick you have come to love! 

The best thing about these candle samples is they also make great little gifts! After you've smelled them & decided on your favorites, save them to use as the finishing touch for any gift! 

Or of course, you can save them to burn yourself, no judgement here! ;) Grab your sample pack here & let us know what you think!

May 17, 2021 — Sarah Storm

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