We're always looking for new locations to take styled pictures of our products. Sometimes we use our own homes, a friends' home, we rent studio spaces, or sometimes an airbnb. We were desperately needing a new photoshoot as we have a bunch of new pillows launching soon & really wanted a beautiful space we haven't used before. Enter: Pleasant Hill Home.

We've been following Caitlin on Instagram for quite awhile now and are always blown away by her beautiful space & her incredible, high-end-looking diy projects. She only lives a couple hours away from us here in Sioux Falls, so I reached out to her to see if she would be willing to let us invade, I mean rent, her home for a few hours. She graciously accepted and we set a date! 

Last week we set out early & drove to her beautiful home. If you already follow @pleansanthillhome on Instagram then you already know how beautiful Caitlin's home is. But honestly, it's so much better in person! Every space is so thoughtfully designed & curated, resulting in a beautiful photo from any angle.


Not only was her home beyond expectation, Caitlin made us feel so at home & comfortable. She was the most gracious host and it felt like we'd known each other for ages. 

In total we probably spent about 3 hours at her home from start to finish - this of course included lots of talking time, because well, I'm a talker. But we were able to get some incredible shots which we've already started using in some of our social media posts. It was such a fun day, and we have plans to be back at Caitlin's for some fun projects in the future!



February 22, 2022 — Sarah Storm

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