Surprise!! We're having ANOTHER sale!! If you saw our earlier announcement on social media, you know we have been plagued (like everyone else these days) with supply chain issues the last several months. While this has resolved itself fairly quickly in some areas & products we manufacture, we have felt it the biggest, and longest, with our candle production. Because of this issue, we ahve decided to pivot and transition to transition to cotton wicks for all of our hand-poured candles.

This comes with a bit of a learning curve as, up until this point, we have exclusively produced wood-wick candles. It will also take a bit of time to build up our new cotton-wick candle inventory & we really appreciate your patience as we make this transition (not to mention it's right in the middle of our busy holiday rush, ack!)

SO, as we make this transition, we will be offering a deeply discounted price on what remains of our wooden wick candles! The wood wick candles will be on sale from $28 down to $22, but only while supplies last!! Get yours here.

We will not be pouring any more wooden wick candles from this point on, so if you love that crackling wick, stock up now before they're gone!! This is a good time to stock up on gifts - for the holidays or for occasions throughout the year - or just beef up your personal candle stash, you deserve it. 😉 Shop all the closeout candles here.

December 01, 2021 — Sarah Storm

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