At the start of Harmony House we had a long list of dreams & goals. We had big visions (and still do) of what we wanted this business to look like 5, 10, & 20 years down the road. A few of those dreams have come to be, some have fallen to the wayside, and some remain steady in our sights ahead.


One of those dreams was that at some point we would generate enough sales to develop a partnership with a non-profit or charity that we could donate to on a regular basis (similar to how TOMS donates a pair of shoes for every pair purchased). In September we finally reached a place in our business where we felt like we could further explore this option, but there was a problem...

We had to find an organization to partner with, and then had to figure out what to donate!

There are so many great organizations out there, and they all are always in need of donations! We agreed our dream would be to partner with a place that helped women and/or children. Deciding what to donate was harder. Of course, we could always donate money, a percentage of sales or something, but our heart was to donate something tangible, something someone really needed & could use.

I said some very specific prayers for direction, and received a very specific answer - it occurred to me that shelters probably go through a lot of bedding, specifically bed pillows, and we just so happen to be in the pillow business with an excellent source for bed pillows. :)  I happen to know someone that works at Children's Inn (an emergency shelter here in Sioux Falls for women & children, victims of domestic abuse), and I reached out to her with my random question about whether they were ever in need of bed pillows. Her exact words were: "we would be so appreciative of bed pillows! It’s crazy how many we go through." I immediately teared up, we found what we had been hoping for. And it would help women AND children. My heart nearly exploded.

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So what's our plan with all this?

For every website order we receive we will donate a bed pillow to Children's Inn. We're making our first delivery of 4 DOZEN bed pillows this week!

We're so overcome by this opportunity and we have you guys to thank for it! It is your support of our little business that has made this very special relationship possible. We've never been more grateful for your business & we've never been more thrilled about where Harmony House is headed.


Comments, thoughts or questions? Contact us at We just love hearing from you! 

October 01, 2019 — Sarah Storm

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