This day has been a long time coming, our brand new faux leather poufs are finally available to purchase on our website & we're sharing all the details! We first started talking about adding poufs to our product line over a year ago. We have always envisioned our product line growing beyond just pillows, and poufs felt like a natural next step.

A LOT of thought & planning went into these. As most of you know, Jill & I are both #boymoms so we wanted something pretty of course, but also something durable enough to survive in our own homes. We would never dream of making/selling something that we wouldn't want or use ourselves. Because poufs can be used for dozens of different things, from a seat to a footrest, we chose the most durable, easy-to-clean, pretty fabric we could find. ;)

**getting a lot of questions about the rug, it's the Rust Tribal Medallion Rug from RugsUSA**

If you've been following us long enough, you probably recognize the fabric. We used to make this patchwork faux leather fabric as a pillow cover & it was wildly popular. It's a neutral deep variegated cognac with a cute patchwork detailing.

Because the fabric already has some detail & visual interest, we kept the shape of the pouf simple with clean edges. When fully stuffed, it's size is 18"x18"x16". We envision a pair of them sitting in front of your fireplace or at the foot of your bed.

Our poufs are available both stuffed & unstuffed. If you purchase unstuffed we recommend filling it with bean bag beans or old clothes/rags/bedding. Just make sure you stuff it super FULL, there's nothing sadder than a droopy pouf! ;) You can buy bean bag filler at Walmart or many online retailers including Amazon. Our poufs hold approximately 3 cubic feet of fill so the filler you buy needs to be at least 3 cubic feet worth, I would go with 3.5 cubic feet to be safe. I've linked a few types below:

Big Joe 3.5 cu ft filler from Amazon

Shredded Memory Foam filler from Amazon - the 5lb bag is equal to 2 cu ft, so you will need the 10lb bag

Tips on filling your pouf:

If you plan to use bean bag filling, we recommend lining the inside of your pouf with a large garbage bag & then pouring your filler into the garbage bag. Securely knot the garbage bag, tuck it into the cover & zip shut. Taking this extra step will keep beans from spilling out if the zipper gets played with (because kids) or eventually wiggles open a bit.

A few details about buying our poufs pre-stuffed:

We use a fill that looks very similar to very tiny bean bag beans, the difference is that ours shouldn't break down the way regular bean bag filler does. You know how when you first fill a bean bag it's nice & full, but then after a few months of use it's all droopy & needs to be re-stuffed? Yeah, our filling won't do that. For safety reasons & to avoid huge messes of tiny beads in your home, the zipper in all of our stuffed poufs will be sewn shut.

We've poured so much time & energy into this new product & we are so crazy about them! We hope you love these poufs as much as we do! Brand new leather poufs are finally available, get yours here!

Comments, thoughts or questions? Contact us at We just love hearing from you! Be sure to follow us here on Facebook or Instagram @harmonyhouse_ 

November 15, 2019 — Sarah Storm

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