A candle is such a great, easy gift idea - but we think it's even better when it comes in a cute box! We started working with a company several months ago to design our own custom candle boxes & have been waiting not-so-patiently to announce their arrival. Well, the day is finally here! 

We really wanted a box for our candles for a few reasons - first, for our customers. We have talked to numerous people who purchased our candles and many say they stock up on them to use as gifts. So, we wanted to make our candles more "gift-able" by putting them in a cute box - something easy to wrap if desired, but also cute enough to give "as is."

Another reason we wanted candle boxes is for our retailers. We have supplied products to over 125 boutiques across the country. When we started our candle line, we knew our retailers would love them, but we also knew we had to come up with a better way for stores to display our products & easily/safely send them home with customers. With individual boxes, stores will be able to stack them on shelves & also confidently put them in a shopping bag without worrying about them breaking. 

And finally, individual boxes will give our candles more protection in transport. We want our candles to arrive at your door unbroken & in perfect condition. 

We hope you love these new boxes as much as we do, and we hope this makes gifting our candles an even better experience! 

April 20, 2021 — Sarah Storm

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