In the first week of March 2020 we were days away from signing a lease on an office space....then Covid hit. Newly homeschooling 5 kids and not knowing what was going to happen to our little business, we quickly shelved those plans and hoped that one day we could try again.

By August of 2020 our business had unexpectedly tripled and our home offices were bursting at the seams. We asked our realtor to once again show us the space we had thought was so perfect a few months before. But in the 5 months since we had almost signed a lease, the space we loved so much somehow shrunk, lol! There was no way we were going to fit in that space any longer! The office next door had recently become available so we asked to see that as well, just for the heck of it. The moment we stepped inside we knew...THIS was the space we were always meant to have. It was large enough for all of our operations, but small enough that it felt comfortable & familiar somehow. It was perfect. 

Almost 9 months later we are absolutely loving it here. We are slowly making it "ours" and often adding things, re-arranging, and finding what works for us. While there's a long "wish list" of things we would like to upgrade, add, and change, we are so happy with how far it's come! The front "retail" area is the most finished space in our office, so we thought it would be fun to show a little before & after! These pictures are from our very first walk-through of the space & what it looks like today :) 

Before & After Transformation of our HH Office Space: 

This is the area directly to the right when you walk through the front door:

As you can see, the wall color before was a very cool gray that looked almost baby blue which was...not our favorite. We painted everything Sherwin Williams Alabaster, the two accent walls are Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. Everything looks so much brighter & warmer now - it's amazing what a little paint can do! 

And the main area to the left (and our realtor, lol):


Like I mentioned, there's always a long list of things we would like to add/change, like wood flooring, white trim, can lights instead of fluorescent, etc...but for now, we love this space as is. It suits us perfectly and we are so grateful for it!

Thanks for coming along on this journey! 


April 14, 2021 — Sarah Storm

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