It's no secret that our Mountain Fox Faux Fur pillow has been a HUGE customer favorite the last couple years. Well, guess what friends, we finally made everyone's favorite pillow into a blanket! That's right, now your family can fight over a pillow AND a blanket! ;) 

Super soft and comfy faux fur throw blanket folded up on a bed in a master bedroom.

If you thought this fabric felt soft as a pillow, just wait until you wrap up in a blanket! These throws are a standard 50"x60" throw blanket size with the same fabric on the front and back. 

Super soft and comfortable neutral faux fur throw blanket folded on a bed in a master bedroom

We guarantee this is softest, coziest blanket you've ever touched! And want to hear the best part?!? It's machine washable! 

Soft and comfortable faux fur 50x60 standard size throw blanket thrown on a bed in a master bedroom with a white comforter.

We have a limited number of these available so make sure you grab yours asap! You can get it here.

August 25, 2021 — Sarah Storm

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