There's nothing better than a good night's sleep. Our quality of sleep affects everything - our day to day activities, energy, diet, & overall health. I've discovered over the years that spending a little extra on good, quality bedding is well worth our hard-earned dollars. With the exception of travel, we sleep in our beds EVERY night - why wouldn't we invest in bedding that will give us the best sleep experience possible?? And huge bonus points if we can find good bedding that is also pretty!!

Today we're rounding up our favorite, best-rated bedding that are also gorgeous! This list is so good we promise it will not disappoint, some of these stores may even be new to you!

West Elm - Matelasse Quilt & Sham Set

Let's kick off the list with this beautiful quilt from West Elm. It's made of 100% Organic Cotton, so you don't have to worry about any chemically treated fabric resting on your skin as you sleep. If you're a hot sleeper, a quilt or coverlet like this is a great option. We like the cute patterned stitching on this quilt & the color options are gorgeous (though we're partial to the ivory). You can get it here.

Tuft & Needle - Quilt

While we're talking quilts, we need to mention these Tuft & Needle cotton/linen quilts! Tuft & Needle is known for the high-quality, chemical-free materials used in their products. The top layer of this quilt is a cotton/linen blend, to give it a soft, relaxed look, and a breathable cotton on the bottom layer to keep you cool & comfortable. This one would be perfect as a summer bedcover. You can get it here.

Tuft & Needle - Linen Duvet Cover

Another Tuft & Needle gem, let's just take a moment to admire how gorgeously cozy this bedding looks! This duvet is made of 100% European Flax Linen, which is super breathable & ideal for keeping you warm in the winter & cool in the summer.  Linen has that natural "wrinkled" look, which drives me crazy in clothing, but in bedding it feels cozy & comfortable. 

One of my absolute favorite things about this duvet is that it is intentionally oversized - so it will hang well over the edges of your bed & gives it a more luxurious look, like a boutique hotel. The color options for this duvet are ON POINT, we're especially drawn to the Sand color. You can get it here.

Boll & Branch - Linen Stripe Duvet Set

I tend to sleep hot, so I'm always drawn to a good breathable linen option for bedding. This duvet & sham set is made of 100% European flax, woven with extra space between threads for a nice lightweight feel, and it also naturally wicks moisture & regulates body temperature. Now that's some magical bedding! 

I love the soft stripe detail of this set, it's light & airy, and perfect for summer. It comes in two lovely colors, the natural shade pictured & Shore which is a pale blue & white. Shop this set here.

Boll & Branch - Matelasse Windowpane Duvet Set

Boll & Branch has SO many good bedding options that I couldn't choose just one for this list. This duvet set is 100% organic, ethically sourced cotton. The windowpane pattern has a casual, modern vibe. It comes in white, gray, and chambray blue. Get it here.

Aside from their gorgeous bedding & rave reviews, my very favorite thing about this company is their mission to ethically source all of their materials & pay all of their factory workers & farmers a fair & respectful wage. To read more about this company & their inspiring story, you can do so here.

Boll & Branch - Signature Hemmed Duvet Set

I know I know, yet another Boll & Branch recommendation, but I've saved the best for last from them I promise! Made from 100% organic cotton, and with over 400 5-star reviews, this set is said to be cloud-like & incredibly soft. If that doesn't sound like it would provide good nights rest I don't know what does! I adore the color options for this as well (shown here in Pewter), they are luxurious, crisp, & classic. You can get it here

Cozy Earth - Bamboo Duvet Cover


Have you heard of Cozy Earth? They make bamboo bedding & loungewear. I received a pair of their pajamas as a gift this past Christmas and they are by far THE softest, most comfortable pajamas I have ever owned. I can only imagine their bedding is equally as soft, and based on the hundreds of 5-star reviews, I'm convinced. This duvet is temperature-regulating, which means you won't get too hot, and it's made of super soft bamboo fabric that is free of harmful chemicals.

This duvet only comes in white, but to me all the benefits outweigh the lack of color options - plus all of the Cozy Earth products are machine washable so no need to worry about keeping that white white! Get it here.

Cozy Earth - Bamboo Comforter

Looking for a bed set that isn't as fluffy as a duvet? Try this bamboo comforter from Cozy Earth - it's the same super soft bamboo fabric that I talked about above, but weighted more like a quilt. One cool thing about this comforter is that it has seasonal options - you can choose between an "all season" weight and a "winter" weight. Again, this only comes in white, but again, it's washable. Get it here.

Brooklinen - Classic Duvet Cover

A few years ago I listened to the story of how Brooklinen got started by a couple that stayed in a fancy motel in Vegas and were so impressed with the bedding in the hotel that they asked management if they could order it. Turns out it was in fact available to order...for few thousand dollars. They set out to duplicate that bedding at a fraction of the price & Brooklinen was born. 

Well, I'm a sucker for a good business-building story, and I'm also a sucker for high-quality products. Their Classic Duvet Cover is 100% cotton, chemical-free, and get this - it comes with a "long" & "short' label on the sides so you know which flipping way to put the thing on your bed! Such a simple thing but holy cow, the struggle that would save making a bed, lol! 

This duvet comes in multiple cute colors & patterns, but I'm absolutely OBSESSED with this clean & classic windowpane print. With over 4,000 reviews, this duvet is pretty much a sure bet. You can get it here.

Well, that's the list folks, I hope it was helpful! So many good options if you're looking for good quality bedding to invest in! One additional thing to note, Boll & Branch, Cozy Earth, and Brooklinen ALL have incredibly well-reviewed sheet sets as well, so if you're needing to overhaul your sheet situation, I'd start with those 3 companies. 




June 08, 2021 — Sarah Storm

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