As a small business, we love nothing more than working with & supporting other small businesses. Which is why we're SO excited to announce our brand new collaboration with Dwell 605!

I met Amanda a few years ago through some mutual friends. She lives in the town I grew up in so our paths cross fairly frequently. She started her business right around the time we started Harmony House, so we have always loved "talking shop" when we manage to get together. Jill & I have been huge fans of Dwell 605 since the very beginning, I own several of her signs & would buy more if I didn't already have one in every room of my house. What is the appropriate amount of word-signs to have in a home?? I've likely exceeded it, lol! But if you are familiar with Dwell 605 at all, you totally get it!

We have worked with Amanda on & off for lots of different projects over the years but we're excited to announce our very first collaboration with Dwell 605! We've paired her incredible HOME design with our hand-crafted pillow covers & here is the result:


A match made in heaven we think! We could not be more excited about how this turned out & have been waiting SO impatiently to show you this! What do you think?? You can get your own HOME pillow right here. If you're local, we will also have a few of these available at our booth at the Sidewalk Arts Festival on September 7, so make sure you stop by to see it in person!

If you're not already familiar with Amanda or her business Dwell 605, go check out her  blog here, or shop her adorable signs in her Etsy shop here.

Comments, thoughts or questions? Comment below or contact us at We love hearing from you! 

August 30, 2019 — Sarah Storm

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