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Maker Monday :: Wild Ridge Design

It’s Maker Monday again, yay! If you’re new to our Maker Monday posts, the products we feature are ones we actually own & use in our homes. These are not sponsored posts in any way, we simply want to share with you things we love that we think you might love too.

Without further ado, today’s maker is: Wild Ridge Design

Wild Ridge Design is an Etsy shop that makes gorgeous, high-quality wreaths. Truly, these are beautiful. They are really full, well made, & as an added perk they come scented with the scent of your choice!

I should warn you, they are not cheap. Can you find cheaper wreaths? Absolutely. Will the quality be comparable to a Wild Ridge wreath? Not likely. I bought this one years ago & it has held up so so well, by far my sturdiest wreath (and I have a lot of them). This one spent two summers hanging outside on my front door, and now lives on the top shelf in my living room, and it still looks as good as the day it was delivered. So in my opinion, these are well worth the money! These are sturdy, long-lasting, & I plan to use mine for many more years. Good quality is almost always worth paying for if it’s something you plan to use for a long time!

There are so many beautiful ones in their shop, you could get lost in there looking at everything. They have hundreds of wreaths to choose from & each one is slightly customizable. Check out this new lambs ear style they have this year (insert alllll the puffy heart eyes!):

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 10.43.37 PM.png

Go check them out here to snag your Fall & Christmas wreaths before the rush!

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