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Boy’s Room Update

We’ve been in our new house for almost 2 years already & while I’ve done a lot of decorating & re-arranging around the house, the boys’ bedrooms have remained mostly unchanged since we moved in. I’ve been itching to get them decorated but with all the kids home this summer it makes it significantly harder to get projects done, lol!

Well, this week I finally got around to painting & hanging all the decor I had been saving for my 4-year-old’s room. I love feature walls – one wall that stands out as sort of a centerpiece of the room. My sister-in-law had used this gorgeous navy color in her boys’ bedroom and I asked her to share the name, it’s Sherwin Williams Naval. It’s way too dark a color (in my opinion) to paint the entire room, but I liked it for a feature wall, and this room gets plenty of light so I wasn’t really worried about it feeling too dark. I may paint the other walls a warm gray but haven’t decided for sure yet.

One more note on creating a feature wall – A feature wall doesn’t have to be painted a different color. I liked it in this case, but you can also make a great feature wall by using a big piece of artwork, making a gallery wall, or adding some shelving. You could also use shiplap, or my new favorite – wallpaper 😉 

I got the route 66 & metal car signs 50% off at Hobby Lobby. The name sign I made, you can read all about that in my blog post here. The stoplight I also got on sale at Hobby Lobby, & it actually lights up! It’s the cutest thing. I was originally planning to hang it on that little chunk of wall to the left of the window, but my son pointed out that if it was hung on the wall he wouldn’t be able to turn it on & off. And since it’s his room, & I care more about him loving it than it being picture perfect, I said we could leave it on his nightstand 🙂

I don’t consider this room totally “DONE” yet, but it’s a start. His bed is currently the top part of a bunk bed. He’s a wild sleeper & it was the best solution when we transitioned him to a regular bed a couple years ago. We’ve kept him in it because frankly I haven’t felt like buying a different bed yet, ha. What I envision though, would be a simple & clean metal rail headboard. I’d love to update his bedding & get some long curtains hung too, functionally curtains are not necessary because we have a shade on his window, but I think they make a room really cozy.

So, are you wondering what the 4-year-old thinks? He absolutely loves it! He picked the car theme & has been semi-patiently waiting for me to finally get everything hung. I think his exact words once everything was finished were “WOW!!! EPIC!!!” lol, total success in my book 🙂

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