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DIY Picture Frame

So, I’m a little obsessed with Instagram, it is by far my favorite social media platform. It’s as if only the very best parts of Pinterest & Facebook had a baby.  The feed highlights the most beautiful images from some of my favorite people but by nature it’s all very short & to the point, leaving out all the garbage & filler & drama (can I get an Amen!).

All this to say, some of my very favorite images of my family are the ones I’ve posted on Instagram. I’m terrible at actually printing any pictures I take (and I’m a professional photographer *gasp.* The irony is not lost on me). So for me, some of these new apps where you can get prints or albums printed straight from your phone & social platforms have been a life-saver.

My two favorite apps for this are:

Chatbooks: Chatbooks will take photos straight from your camera roll & plop them right into a cute little album. You literally don’t have to do anything (although you can add text or captions to the images if you want, but let’s be real who’s got time for that?!). As soon as your album is full they print it & mail it to you. The print quality is really nice too, I highly recommend these if you don’t already use them!

Social Print Studio: Print studio also prints photobooks (I’ve never tried theirs), but what I love & have used them for is all the “fun stuff” they print, like magnets, greeting cards & posters. They can also print stickers & canvas prints & lots of other fun things – totally worth checking out!

Anyway, several months ago I ordered one of Social Print Studio’s poster prints. It’s a 20×30 poster with 54 little image squares. In it I put all my favorite Instagram images & it turned out so stinkin cute! Our boys went nuts over it & STILL love looking at all the different pictures, it’s so fun.

So cute right? BUT, it didn’t occur to me until after it was delivered that a 20×30 frame is not an easy size to find. I didn’t want to pay to have it professionally framed, so I settled for what I could find locally, which was a super cheap (and super cheap looking) literal poster frame from Walmart. I hated it but figured it would work until I came up with a better option… yeah, the frame literally fell apart after like 2 days. Time to brainstorm.

I decided to make my own frame out of a palette we had in the garage.

Full disclosure: my husband (the perfectionist) wasn’t home when I made this. I whipped it together in record speed just the way I like & the craftsmanship is shoddy at best. But, I was going for a more rustic look & accomplished that, so as long as the thing doesn’t fall apart who really cares right?!?

I laid out the boards how I wanted them & made some quick cut marks.

I took some scrap pieces & made an outside “edge” on the back of the frame.

Flipped it over, gave it a quick sanding to smooth out some rough spots, & then painted it with Magnolia Home chalk style paint in the color “Weekend.” This color is so much prettier than I even expected it to be, it’s really really gorgeous.

Once it was dry (it dried super fast), I lightly sanded the edges to show just a little of that natural palette color.

I used the clear plastic “glass” of the Walmart frame and then my poster.

I was so thrilled with how it turned out, it’s exactly what I was picturing & it fits perfectly in the hallway in our upstairs between all of our bedrooms, right where we can all see it daily.

Excuse the shelf that needs to be filled up & decorated, one project at a time! 😉

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