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Not all inserts are created equal.

Because our pillow covers are mostly the star of the show around here our inserts often get a little overlooked. So I wanted to take a moment to shine some light on these lovely little guys & explain that, contrary to what most people may assume, not all pillow inserts are created equal!

We are constantly analyzing the quality of our products, from thread to zippers to fabric to screen printing ink, we are constantly tweaking to make each of our products the very best version possible. From the beginning we had used very average, not-so-special poly-fil pillow inserts for our covers. Can’t picture them? They are super light, with a textured, very cheap-feeling cover. Here is a close-up:

Summer 2018-15 sm

These inserts are fine of course, and did the job they are intended to do, but they felt cheap & we weren’t happy with them. So about a year ago we did some hunting & were thrilled to find a company right here in the USA that makes exactly what we were looking for – 100% hypoallergenic alternative down pillow inserts.

So what does this mean & why are they better? First of all, the alternative down is incredible because you get the soft feel & extra weight of a down insert, but without the irritants of the real thing. The quality of these is outstanding, you can even see the difference in the covering & seams:

Summer 2018-16 sm

The weight of these is great too, which may seem unimportant initially, but once you feel them you understand. They *plunk* (it’s the only way I can think to describe it, lol) on a couch so beautifully & you can do the “karate chop” thing that you see designers do on all the shows on HGTV 😉

Summer 2018-7 sm

(see how it has that nice “karate chop” in the middle?)

Now look at the difference in “the chop” between the old poly-fil insert on the left & the new alternative-down insert on the right:

Summer 2018-17 sm

Looks so much nicer right? When you chop the poly-fil it literally bounces right back, but when you chop the alternative-down the insert almost swallows your hand, it’s glorious. Just imagine your Sunday afternoon nap on the couch with one of these bad boys, so dreamy. 😉

So there’s the difference folks. Our hypoallergenic alternative down inserts blow the competition out of the water. Remember, not all inserts are created equal 😉

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