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Maker Monday :: Simply Perfect Lotion

Happy Monday friends! It’s time again to share another one of our favorite maker products. Ok, I need to preface today’s feature by saying it doesn’t necessarily fit perfectly into the maker category. Today’s feature comes from a local (Sioux Falls, SD) home decor boutique called Simply Perfect. They sell gorgeous home decor & variety of other high-quality home goods. But they also make their own line of lotions & body care products. So while they are mainly a home decor store, and I’m guessing they outsource the production of their lotions (though please know I have no knowledge of their actual process), I still like to consider their lotion a “maker” product.

With that said, let me introduce today’s feature – Simply Perfect No. 9 Body Lotion

I’ve become a daily lotion wearer since finding this lotion, not only because my skin is dry & needs it, but also because it just smells so stinkin good. It’s become my perfume, I rarely ever wear real perfume anymore. There are several products in this line of body care, including three different scents (no.8, no.9, no.10), but No. 9 is my favorite & I mostly only use the body lotion. I’m told that lotion, all lotion, smells different on different people depending on your particular skin & genetic makeup – so, what smells nice on me might smell like feet on you (lol, ok the difference isn’t that drastic) & vice versa, so just keep that in mind before ordering a case 😉 If you’re local to Sioux Falls, head down to their storefront at 8th & Railroad and smell all the scents for yourself!

They also make a body wash, shampoos & bath oils in each scent (the body wash & lotion are in the picture above). Oh and that cute little slice of tree in the picture on my bathroom countertop? Also from Simply Perfect. Their home decor is divine, the whole store is really cozy & beautiful – definitely worth a visit if you’re local, even if it’s just for inspiration, or lotion. 😉

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