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Maker Monday :: Kristin Douglas ART

Well, it’s Monday again. We hope you had a great weekend & hope your Monday is off to as good a start as a Monday is capable of. I have good news though because it’s Maker Monday, and I just KNOW you’re going to love & likely purchase today’s maker product for your own family!

Today’s maker is….drumroll please… Kristin Douglas ART

Kristin makes these incredible watercolor scratch maps. You can get a map of either the United States or World, they come with a gold overlay & you use a coin to scratch off the places you’ve been. Underneath lies a gorgeous watercolor painting.


Since Aaron & I have been to several states but the kids have only been to a handful, I thought it would be more fun to scratch off only the places we have been together as a family. I cannot tell you how much fun our kids have had with this. They are DYING to go to Texas because “it’s the biggest one!” I didn’t bother explaining Alaska’s exact size & location yet 😉

One thing to note if you buy one – they are an unusual size. I believe they are 12×18, which isn’t a common frame size so you’re going to need to get one from a craft store (like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s), or order one online from a specialty frame website. I got mine at hobby lobby & it’s actually not even the right size, it’s about 3 inches wider than the map (I put white paper on the back to fill in the gaps, which you can see if you look close).

To get your own scratch map or check out some of her art prints, head to Kristin’s Etsy shop here.

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