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Tabletop Collection

One of our biggest priorities with this business is putting out the highest-quality products possible. When we have a new idea, we don’t whip something together & start selling it. We carefully consider the fabric options, washability, cost, colors, durability (aka kid-friendliness), to name a few. We make a few samples, modifying & tweaking as needed, and then run them through various washing tests:  machine wash & dry, machine wash & lay flat to dry, spot clean, etc. because we want to know exactly what to tell you to keep your purchases looking fantastic as long as possible. Only after we have run all the possibilities & have a product we’re proud of, do we finally make them public. It’s an exciting process, but it’s a long one which makes it super hard for certain impatient people (ahem, that would be me) to wait to reveal new products to our favorite people (that would be you).

Last week we launched our brand new tabletop collection. This has been a category we have wanted to get into for awhile, in fact we attempted them last fall but never ended up listing them publicly because of a few functionality issues we ran into & couldn’t find a solution we were happy with. BUT, we are thrilled to have finally revisited this idea & come up with a product we’re proud of.

The first two sets of placemats we released are two-sided, but both sides coordinate really well with the other – meaning you could mix it up & set your table with 2 striped sides & 2 checked sides of our Indigo Checks & Stripes and it would still look fantastic!

We have more tabletop items coming soon (they’re still in testing, oh the agony! 😉 ) and we’re thrilled to see how this collection grows over time (we’re already brainstorming super-fun holiday ideas!!).

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