Spring is finally here! Sort of…

I don’t know where you live or how your winter has been, but here in South Dakota we have been toughing out a super long & cold season!  March in South Dakota is always such a “teaser” month. We’ll have a day or two of beautiful Spring-like weather & sunshine, and then a nice intense blizzard or ice storm the very next day. It gets a little old, but when April finally arrives, we start feeling a little more confident stashing away our snow boots & winter gear. Except this year, our highs the first week of April were in the 30’s, the eternal winter continues….
On a brighter note, we’ve added some fun new prints to our collection this season, my favorite being a cheery lemon print that has small accents of teal & orange in it – I smile just looking at it! Nothing says “Spring” more than bright cheery colors & patterns and summer-themed decor – bring on the beaches, water, warmth & sunshine, we are ready for SUMMER!

I adore this fabric. It’s a great shade of blue & has got this picnic vibe going on that just makes me so happy. You should see this one paired with the lemons!

Have you ever seen a happier fabric?? I should really post a close-up picture of the print b/c there is such a wide range of color in there. There’s soft shades of orange, deep greens & the loveliest pops of teal.

Picnics & lemons too out of the box for you? No worries! You really can’t go wrong with a nice geometric print, and the deep navy/ivory palette of this one makes it incredibly versatile & could be added to almost any color scheme.

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