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DIY Rustic Shelves

We moved into our home about a year & a half ago. It has a very open floor plan & I’ve been slowly filling up the space, trying to be thoughtful about what I put where. I’ve bought very few furniture & decor items for the new house because I wanted to live in it for awhile before throwing a bunch of stuff in it that might not fit well with how we use the space.

We had this big blank chunk of wall between our living & dining room (picture below). I used items I already had to temporarily fill it in, but it obviously needed “more.”

"Before" picture of my sad wall

“Before” picture of my sad & bare wall…
(sorry for the bad photo quality!)

I LOVE rustic shelving & the whole rustic/industrial trend happening, but couldn’t find any pre-made ones that were the width I needed, but I figured I could make them fairly easily.

I picked up 4, 10″ black galvanized pipes from the hardware store (I have no idea if that’s the technical term, it’s what I call them, they’re by all the plumbing stuff), along with 4 matching end caps & 4 flanges. The 10″ pieces of pipe were shiny, not textured like the end caps & flanges, so I also grabbed a textured black spray paint.

I wanted the shelves to be about 4′ wide, so I was planning to buy an 8′ board & have the hubs cut it at home, but I lucked out & found a section of boards at the store that were 4′ wide & about 9″ deep. The best part was they were already “distressed” looking, they had big knots & divots in them – they were exactly what I was picturing.

I recruited my boys to help “distress” the boards. They’ve never been so focused, lol! They pounded & dinged up both sides of each board before I stained them.

So focused. Distressing is a GREAT job for little boys 😉

Hubs helping me hang them.

Once the textured paint had dried on the pipes, I screwed the pieces together & then handed them over to the hubs to install. The boards just rest right on top, we didn’t attach them to the pipes with anything.

Ideally I would have spaced the pipes a few inches further apart, visually I think it would have looked better, but the shelves were fairly heavy & possibly would hold heavy things, so we needed to secure them into studs.
Close up of some of the boys’ expert distressing 🙂
And the finished product!
I move things around on these shelves ALL the time, mostly using stuff I already have from different places around the house. But, I think it still needs more pops of color, so I’m planning to hit up Home Goods soon.  I have a cute little chair for the desk, but I also have a cute little 1-year-old that likes to climb furniture & destroy anything within reach. So for now, the cute little chair is being used elsewhere 😉

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